A Little Romance
Episode 9
Wiz with a starbwerry
Airdate May 29, 2003
Romanji Chiisana Koi
Kanji 小さな恋
Opening White Night-True Light-
Ending Gentle Afternoon
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Menou's Warning Letter
The Portrait of a Certain Musician
A Little Romance is the ninth episode in the D.N. Angel anime.


While out with Daisuke  and Riku , With spots a floppy white rabbit at the local pet store and falls in love. He sneaks out to meet the rabbit again, but when With gets there, he finds out that she's been sold. Daisuke and Riku go looking for With in a rainstorm and Riku is impressed by what Daisuke is willing to do for his pet.


  • The windmills aren't spinning furiously with the wind and rain storm going on yet the wind is able to blow Wiz off easily.