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Argentine (アージェンタイン, Ājentain ?) is a mysterious boy who seems to have something against Dark, and kidnapped Risa during her date with the phantom thief. According to Kosuke, Argentine was a piece of art created and destroyed by the Hikari family long ago. He has stated that he wants to become Kokuyoku, in other words, the mix of Dark and Krad, and that he needs Risa’s help to do this. During the twelfth book, he reveals that he is trying to recreate “Qualia,” another piece of living artwork originally made to always be by his side. He is ultimately destroyed after a fight between Dark and Argentine, and Argentine appears to turn to stone. In the December 2008 chapter he returns to be found in Daisuke’s basement and is recruited by Emiko to be the family butler, much to Towa’s displeasure. He also shows an alternate form as a small gecko-like lizard. Argentine only appears in the manga.



  • He told me...that which is incomplete seeks completion...yet...that which is incomplete is no better than that which is complete. Do you understand?
  • Thier tortured howls echoed...
  • ...and one by one he would destroy them...
  • Are you, what they call, a heart?
  • I wanted to give you a heart.
  • You'll break. Humans are so fragile.