Between Light and Darkness
Episode 4
Airdate April 24, 2003
Romanji Hikari to Yami no Hazama ni...
Kanji 光と闇の間に...
Opening White Night-True Light-
Ending Gentle Afternoon
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Double Cooking


This episode starts out with shots of a house that looks like someone ransacked it and Satoshi Hiwatari/Hikari is courled up in a corner. He mutters to himself, (english dub) "I am just barely myself this morning." It then shows a picture of half of Krad's face and Hikari's with a flash back of Hikari's using one of Krad's feathers. His phone vibrates with a message and it switches to a scene with Daisuke. He has an interaction with Risa where she ends up feeding him lunch and says, "I'll make lunch for you everyday." Daisuke remarks about how good it is and Risa ends up saying she put lots of thought into each bit and "seasoned" it with love. Daisuke, of course, is very happy about this and hugs her. He says "Of course, you know, I'm never going to let you go." Then suddenly, Risa changes into Hikari and Daisuke falls into an abiss. Daisuke then wakes up in his bed. He questions why Hiwatari showed up in his dream and Dark then teases saying, "You're in denial, you're in love with Hiwatari, Admit it!" Daisuke ovibously denies this. It switches to a sene where Risa tells Riku about how she knew Dark was looking for a "girl like her" and accidently tells about Riku how she and Dark almost kissed. Riku then tells Risa to stay away from Dark and Risa say, "You're just jelous because I'm the one he wants to kiss" Riku d.enies this and says, "You couldn't force me to kiss that low life!" Risa comes to Dark's defense and says, "He's a complete gentleman!" Riku then says, "You just think that, you don't care about me!" and she slams the door. It cuts to a scene where Hikari meets with his father. His father hugs him and says, "You'll be free once dark is captured." Hikari's father then asks how's work coming along, says "It would be nice if you could capture Dark alive", and remarks that he keeps sending in reports saying no progress. Hikari says nothing is worth metioning and his father basicly says no problem, take your time. AND there more but i don't want to write anymore so there.


  • Krad is called by name for the first time in the series, and he also calls out Dark's name: Dark Mousy.
  • Krad's name spelled backwards is Dark.