Mr. Hiwatari (日渡 警視長 Hiwatari Keishi-chō) is the Commissioner of the Azumano Police Department and Satoshi Hiwatari's adoptive father in both the manga and anime.

Appearance Edit

Hiwatari has dark hair and eyes, with semi-rimless eyeglasses. He wears business suits and, occasionally, a long, black overcoat outdoors.

In the anime, his hair and eyes are brown.

Personality Edit

On the outside, Mr. Hiwatari is a discreet and successful police commissioner who inspires admiration and sympathy in others for his achievements. Ambitious and charismatic, he knows how to speak with confidence, never dropping his smile.

He enjoys teasing Satoshi and playing the doting father role both in public and private, ignoring the boy's annoyance. However, under this façade, commissioner Hiwatari is an uncaring, calculative man who doesn't hesitate to use dangerous and underhand means to reach his goals.

Mr. Hiwatari appreciates art and thinks very lowly of the Cultural Revolution that destroyed so many Hikari artworks in the past.

History Edit

Little is known about Mr. Hiwatari's past. At 26, he already is police commissioner and adopted Satoshi Hiwatari, who was orphaned, to provide him support and help him develop his talents - or so he says[1]. He doesn't participate often to public events and is rarely shown in company other than his son.

The Euphelia's Nightscape heist Edit

Mr. Hiwatari first appears at a reception, the evening Dark announces he'll steal the Euphelia's Nightscape painting. There, he meets Satoshi he had invited earlier in the afternoon and boasts to an acquaintance about the boy's brilliant mind and their so-called close relationship.

However, his tone changes when father and son are together to see Euphelia's Nightscape. Now serious, Mr. Hiwatari reminds Satoshi how valuable "true" art is and that the phantom thief must be caught soon. The boy notices the painting is only a copy and refuses to play along and pretend it's the real one when his father asks him to[1].

Mr. Hiwatari makes an appearance during the Ice and Snow performance at Azumano Middle School's cultural festival. He is watching the play, standing by the door, and leaves as the audience makes fun of Daisuke Niwa, who fell on stage[2].

Azumano Joyland & Argentine Edit

While Daisuke and Dark are finishing their double date with Riku and Risa in Azumano Joyland, Satoshi visits his father in what probably is his office. The boy confronts Mr. Hiwatari about his involvement into Dark's case, suggesting the police commissioner is responsible for Argentine's release, and the boy affirms he will be the one catching the thief[3].

After Satoshi leaves, Mr. Hiwatari, now alone, wonders what Dark's objectives truly are, and insists on the fact that Satoshi is too precious to be lost, and that the thief must be lured out and caught at all costs[4].

After Risa Harada's kidnapping by Argentine, father and son meet again. Mr. Hiwatari persuades Satoshi to destroy the artwork for good[5].

Days later, when Satoshi and Daisuke successfully rescue Risa and escape from Qualia and Argentine's towers, Mr. Hiwatari is waiting nearby in his car. As he drives his son back, the towers collapse. Mr. Hiwatari, who's responsible for this, explains to a surprised Satoshi that that was necessary to erase all traces of the two dangerous artworks[6].

Qualia Edit

In fact, Mr. Hiwatari managed to retrieve Qualia from the towers, despite Satoshi sealing her. On the evening of the Azumano Dance Party, he brings Satoshi in a room and reveals that the artwork, in shape of a gun, is now in his possession. Then, he forcefully cuts Satoshi's hand to collect some of his blood in a bullet that should be able to destroy Dark for good, in hope that that will stop the boy from dying prematurely[7].

In the anime Edit

In his early life with Satoshi, commissioner Hiwatari cares for his son[reference needed], but later becomes obsessed by the artworks that the Hikari family produced.

Hiwatari lives in a guarded mansion and is shown researching artworks in books and drinking a glass of alcohol[reference needed].

His goal is to obtain the Black Wings and he interferes regularly with Satoshi's task of capturing Dark, by trying to discard him from the case[reference needed] or giving him the Rutile[reference needed], to the detriment of the teenager's health.

He also found Mio Hio[reference needed] and sends her to Daisuke Niwa's middle school to make him wear a cursed pendant, promising to give her a real human body if she succeeds[reference needed]. As she later shows signs of betrayal, he ultimately destroys her[reference needed].

With Krad's collaboration, Hiwatari obtains an axe artwork that was hidden in Satoshi's apartment and tries to destroy what seems to be the Black Wings. Hio Mio, borrowing Riku and Risa Harada's strength, intervenes and makes him remember his former kindness toward Satoshi[reference needed].

It is not made clear at the end of the anime if Hiwatari actually died after destroying the Black Wings but he ultimately expresses care for his son.

Relationships Edit

Satoshi Hiwatari Edit

Mr. Hiwatari sometimes visits his son, who lives in his own appartment[8]. Even if he pretends to be close to Satoshi, they mostly collaborate to catch Dark, and the police commissioner expects his son will catch the thief as soon as possible. In the course of the manga, father and son increasingly oppose each other, as Mr. Hiwatari starts to doubt the boy's will to catch Dark and Satoshi suspects his father is interfering in his task in ways he disapproves. Indeed, whereas Satoshi wants to arrest the thief in his own way, thus wasting time but being fair, Mr. Hiwatari believes that Satoshi's survival relies on Dark being caught and is ready to use dangerous methods and risk collateral damage[4]. He ultimately goes as far as physically assaulting and wounding his son to collect blood in a weapon designed to destroy Dark[9].

In the anime, Mr. Hiwatari used to care for Satoshi[reference needed], but becomes ruthless and manipulative, ultimately sacrificing his son to reach his own goals[reference needed].

Krad Edit

In the anime, Hiwatari seems to have some sort of partnership with Krad, as they collaborate in the final episodes[reference needed].

In the manga, Krad doesn't attack him after emerging in front of him after he collected blood into the weapon intended to destroy Dark[10].

Trivia Edit

  • Commissioner Hiwatari's first name has yet to be confirmed. Fans sometimes call him Kei Hiwatari, due to an old mistranlation of his Japanese title.
  • In a One Night Magic omake, he's depicted with a slightly different haircut, his hair simply parted on the right[8].
  • Commissioner Hiwatari knows how to drive[6].
  • In the anime, he hugs his son several times, something that doesn't happen in the manga[reference needed].

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