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Artwork of Daisuke dressed as Freedert
Dai chan
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Did You Know?

  • The name of Dark's nemesis, Krad, is "Dark" spelled backwards.
  • The Harada twins' grandmother's name, Rika, is a mixture of " Risa" and "Riku."
  • Satoshi Hiwatari/ Hikari wears glasses even though he admitted in the manga that he doesn't need them.
  • Satoshi's birth mother's name is Rio Hikari and she only appears in the manga. There is said to be something mysterious about one of her death anniversaries.
  • Daisuke Niwa's dad, Kosuke's, last name was not originally "Niwa." He adopted that name after marrying Emiko Niwa so the descendants of the Niwa bloodline can bear the Niwa family name.
  • Every known male descendant of the Niwa family has a name that begins with the letter "D." That means all of them have the initials "DN."
  • Daisuke Niwa is the first member of the Niwa family to create a piece of art.
  • The Hikari family can duplicate any piece of art after seeing it just once.

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Freedert: I’ve been waiting, I’ve been waiting for him all this time. He will come back, I know that Elliot will come back to me. He said that he would come back, and I...believe in him.
Daisuke: What if...what if he never comes back to you?
Freedert: His soul is alive, I can feel it. No matter how far away he is, I know he’s looking for me.
Daisuke: I really wish there was something I could do to help you, but...if you asked me to stay here forever, I can’t do it. I promised Miss Riku that I would come back to her.
Freedert: Don’t worry, I wouldn’t ask that of you. Miss Riku, is she someone you care about?
Daisuke: Huh? (blushes) Uh...
Freedert: You’re so cute. You’re very nice, I like that.
Daisuke: Huh? (looks down, embarrased)
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Freedert Freedert used to be a common girl whose best friends were Kael and the Duke’s son, Elliot. Freedert and Elliot soon began to have deep feelings for each other, but because of their social statuses, they could not be together. One day, Elliot had to leave to go to war and Freedert gave him a sword to keep him safe. Before he left, Elliot asked Kael to take care of Freedert and Kael assured Elliot that he will. However, Kael was madly in love with Freedert and did not want her and Elliot to be together, so he made a forbidden wish to the Second Hand of Time, asking it to end Elliot’s time in this world. His wish was granted and when Freedert learned what had happened, she prayed to the Second Hand of Time to give her time to Elliot. Thus, Freedert died and became one with the Second Hand of Time.

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