Daiki Niwa (丹羽大樹) is Daisuke Niwa's grandfather, father of Emiko Niwa. He was Dark's former "host" or partner.

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As he appears, he has white spiky hair. He always wears a yukata when he's at home and wears a formal attire when going out[reference needed].

When he was 14 year old, he looked like Daisuke, to the point that Menou mistakes Daisuke as the boy she wanted to give thanks to 40 years ago. Daiki had nonetheless a different, less spiky haircut.[reference needed]

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Daiki was was the first one to help Menou. He told Daisuke that "One job of the Phantom Thief is to give hope to others."[reference needed]

During Daisuke and Dark's date at Azumano Joyland, he helped out by pretending to be Dark until the real Dark was able to get there in time and meet with Risa.[reference needed]

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Daiki is seen with Emiko doing rituals to seal artworks.[reference needed]

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  • Daiki Niwa shares his name with a Japanese soccer player.

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