Daiki Niwa
Daiki Niwa
丹羽 大樹
Romanji Niwa Daiki
Japanese Voice Actor Takeshi Aono,

Hirokazu Hiramatsu (younger version)

American Voice Actor John Swasey
First Appearance in Show {{{one}}}
First Appearance in Manga {{{two}}}
Gender Male
Age 60?
Status Alive
Family Niwa Family
Romances Unknown
Occupation None
Best Friend Dark Mousy
Enemy None
Residence Niwa Residence
Alter Ego Dark Mousy (Past)

Daiki Niwa (丹羽大樹) is Daisuke Niwa's grandfather, father of Emiko. He was Dark's former "host" or partner. In the manga, he was the first one to help Menou. He told Daisuke that "One job of the Phantom Thief is to give hope to others. " Daisuke stole the Agate of Links and freed Menou after that. He also helped out Daisuke's/Dark's date with the Haradas by pretending to be Dark until the real Dark was able to get there in time and meet with Risa. In the anime, he is seen with Emiko doing rituals to seal artwork that Dark/Daisuke stole.


As he appears, he has white spiky hair. He always wears a yukata when he's at home and wears a formal attire when going out.

When he was a 14 year old boy, his looked much like Daisuke. They have a lot of similarities (except that Daiki's hair is flat unlike now) that Menou mistaken Daisuke as the boy she wanted to give thanks to 40 years ago.



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