Daisuke Niwa is the protagonist of the series D.N.Angel.

Daisuke Niwa was born on November 11th and is the 14-year-old protagonist of the story who confesses to and is rejected by his crush (first love), Risa Harada, in the beginning of the series. He then discovers that, because of his Niwa family heritage, an entity called Dark lives within him. As the story proceeds he falls in love with Riku Harada, to which she reciprocates and the duo form a relationship.


Daisuke stands at 157 cm (5'2") while weighing 34.5 kg (76lbs) with blood-red spiked hair, ruby-red eyes and a peach-colored skin tone. He is usually dressed in his school clothes that consist of khaki pants with a white button-up shirt over a red shirt and tennis-shoes.

Personality Edit

Daisuke transforms into Dark (usually unwillingly) whenever he experiences feelings of love or intimacy. Daisuke is kind hearted, the opposite of Dark, and is always trying to stop Dark from performing crazy stunts to no avail. Later in the series, Daisuke gradually falls in love with Risa Harada's (his crush) older twin sister, Riku Harada. Riku in turn also has feelings for Daisuke.

In Chapter 8 in the manga, Daisuke does not talk to Dark and thus, hides himself in shame of kissing Riku, when he said he likes Risa. Dark then tells him that he's ignoring his true feelings and knocks some sense back into Daisuke. (Thus, removing the ring put on earlier in the chapter.)

He regularly argues with Dark but, expresses concern for him when he is in danger. He misses Dark when they are separated in the series through magic. Sometimes, he often thinks about what would happen if Dark were to disappear. In the anime adaptation, he cries when Dark seals himself and Krad, leaving Daisuke.

Abilities Edit

Even though he does not look or act it, Daisuke is very perceptive and athletic - capable of jumping from heights that a normal boy could never be capable of. He already had this ability when he was young, it was shown when he jumped over the gate to get Riku's teddy bear.

A specialty of this is his gift for lockpicking (or hacking, in the case of electronically activated locks) any kind of lock in succession. His ability of lockpicking was so good that it even suprised Dark.

Daisuke Niwa, has been trained in thievery all his life. He can dodge traps, pick locks, sneak past security, and break into almost any location. However, he enjoys creating art more than stealing it. Also, his paintings seems to sometimes have magical power, for example when one of his paintings becomes a catalyst in the awakening of the Second Hand of Time.

History Edit

To practice his skills, his family sets up daily life-threatening trials once he returns home from school.

Relationships Edit

Risa HaradaEdit

Early in the series, Daisuke has a crush on Risa but is rejected. His crush on Risa continued until he realized that he was in love with the older Harada, Riku. Risa and Daisuke become friends.

Riku HaradaEdit

Daisuke starts to like Riku after being rejected by Risa, gradually developing a relationship with her after the times they spend together, to the point Riku finally becomes Daisuke's reason to change into Dark. They soon begin to date after they confess their feelings to one another during a school trip, though Riku did not believe him at first due to her knowledge of his feelings for Risa. At her request, he calls her "Riku-san," instead of "Harada-san"[1]. They are shown to have many interests in common.

At the end of the anime series, Daisuke confesses that Dark was his other half and she accepts it.

Satoshi HiwatariEdit

Satoshi's and Daisuke's relationship slowly changes from classmates to best friends. Despite the fact that Krad lives within Satoshi, Daisuke trusts him and offers him his support.

Dark MousyEdit

Daisuke and Dark have a good relationship that progresses into friendship. Dark seems to like teasing his partner and shows concerns for him[2].


  • Perceptive, athletic, and artistic, Daisuke is also skilled in dodging traps, picking locks, and other thieving-type activities although he looks very clumsy and easy to fool.



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