Dark Mousy is the deuteragonist of D.N.Angel.

Appearance Edit

Dark looks like a seventeen year old with long, violet hair, including bangs that cover a small portion of the center of his face. His eye are either purple or red, depending on the illustration.

If Daisuke transforms into him unwillingly, or unexpectedly, he dons Daisuke's school uniform. He also has black feathered wings, normally provided by his friend and pet With.

In the anime Edit

Dark is usually seen wearing a high-collared black sleeveless shirt, with ivory stripes lining the zipper and the sleeves. His eyes are always purple.

History Edit

Not much is known about Dark's past, except that he is a mysterious phantom thief. He is one half of the The Black Wings, along with his archnemesis and other side, Krad. Dark seems to have a large reputation as a thief, as a large police force showed up to try and capture him after his 40-year slumber. He lives inside Daisuke Niwa and doesn't have many feelings of concern for him at first; but as the series goes on, he starts to show a soft side about Daisuke's health and well-being.

Abilities Edit

Similar to his other form, Daisuke, he is skilled in stealing art, picking locks, evading traps, and disguising himself. However, he can also cast magic through the use of black feathers. This is a skill his counterpart can not do as of yet. Such magic is used to seal or unlock the powers of certain artworks that the Niwa family sends him to steal. Dark also posesses the ability to fly by transforming his partner, With (or Wiz in the manga) into his wings. This is because using his real wings would cause his host (Daisuke) great pain. With will search Dark out when called, no matter where Dark may be. With is normally seen as a white rabbit with red eyes and floppy ears.

Relationships Edit

He is the phantom thief who constantly steals art pieces made by the Hikari family. Unlike Daisuke, who likes Risa Harada, in the manga Dark fell in love with Riku (Risa's twin sister). However, he is constantly being pursued by Risa, who fell for him when she first saw him on the news. While he does not seem to reciprocate her feelings much, he does say that he can "feel" her words "right here" in his heart (Volume 9). He uses With as his wings. {C In the anime, Dark informs Risa that he has no feelings for her except as she reminds him of her grandmother, whom he truly loved. In the manga, it is later suggested that he is falling, or has fallen, in love with Risa instead of Riku, or at the very least is apparently displaying a great deal of care and thought for her and her feelings (Volumes 9-13). {C Though he and Daisuke often argue over missions and Risa and Riku, it's apparent that Dark cares for his host, taking care not to harm him by using too much of his magic, and protecting him when possible.


  • At Chapter 49 of the manga, Dark broke the fourth wall by saying "If I'd woken up just one panel later I woulda...!"
  • Dark is often seen flirting with girls, and being a perverted scoundrel.
  • Both Riku Harada and Risa Harada had their first kiss with Dark.


  • "You don't have to like someone forever just because you like them at first!"
  • "I may be a pervert, but I would never stoop so low as to steal a lady!"
  • "If you woulda just called my wings out in the first place we wouldn't be in this sticky, not to mention lame, complete and utter failure of a situation."
  • "She's pretty cute when she's sleeping."
  • "I am you." (To Daisuke.)
  • "It's more like eternally stuck in the mud."
  • "I told you, didn't I? That 'I am you.' ." (To Daisuke.)
  • "you look like an angel but you think like a devil" :dnangel,eng epsd4.
  • "Violence is not my style." (Episode 12, anime.)