Dark Revived
Episode 1
Dark Mousy and Wiz
Airdate April 3, 2003
Romanji "Fukkatsu no Daaku"
Kanji (復活のダーク
Opening White Night-True Light-
Ending Gentle Afternoon
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It was Niwa Daisuke's 14th birthday and he's not having a good day. Daisuke confessed his feelings to his long time crush, Harada Risa, but found out she only likes him as a friend. Worse, Hiwatari Satoshi had seen him using skills he was not supposed to have in order to unlock an electronic lock at school. When he thought things could not get any worse, Daisuke transformed into the phantom thief Dark. He learned he could not transform back into himself until he steals the Saint Tears statue, and that becoming Dark was his destiny.


In the midst of an old European styled town, a large whirlwind spun over a building, and lightning split a statue of two angels. Inside a tower, the angels, one clad in black, another in white, flew towards each other and clashed in a struggle. The one in white warned the one in black about the consequences of the sealing process, but the one in black had let it continue. As the clock striked midnight, the one in black said, “Goodbye, my former self.”

During the ritual

In a small dark lit room, two hooded figures were performing a ritual, declaring the awakening of powers on a third person. The third person was revealed to be Niwa Daisuke. The first two figures removed their hoods and they were Daisuke’s mom Niwa Emiko and grandfather Niwa Daiki. After the ritual, Daisuke was reminded that it is time for him to leave for school and he run up the stairs, stumbling in the process. His grandfather reminded him not to let his guard down.

As Daisuke leaves his house, Emiko wished him good luck on his confession to that twin girl, [1]Harada Risa and reminded him that he should be home at 4:52 and 27 seconds.

Daisuke was in a cheery mood, declaring that the day was going to be a great day. Meanwhile, a girl finished looking at some tarot cards which indicate an upcoming encounter. Daisuke runs through the streets, and the neighbors and townsfolk greeted him. He boarded the tram, which went up a steep hillside.

Risa waiting for the tram in Toll Station

Daisuke pondered on his plans for winning Risa’s affections. Everything was going according to his plans, until the tram stopped at Toll Station and he saw Risa boarding in front because the tram is under renovation that day. Daisuke ended up getting crowded to the rear for the rest of the ride.

At the top of the hill is Grande Station. Daisuke exited the tram and he saw Risa helping a young girl unboard the tram. Daisuke called out to her, and she turned around greeting him with a smile. But as soon as he stepped up, Daisuke tripped on the step and did a front flip, almost falling back until Risa pulled him forward. Their eyes met, and Daisuke blushed. Daisuke apologized for his clumsiness, but Risa remarked that Daisuke is very kind. She then recounted the moments where Daisuke had help her. This led Daisuke to bring out the letter, until Risa told him that he’s a great friend.

Upon hearing the word "friend", Daisuke dropped the note, and Risa picked it up. Daisuke quickly took it back, nervously excusing it as a name writing exercise when Harada Riku, Risa’s twin sister, arrived riding on her bike. As Risa rode the bike to school, she asked Riku what a letter with a girl's name means, and Riku replied that it was a confession. Risa dismissed it saying that she preferred someone tall and cool.

Saehara teases Daisuke

Daisuke feels depressed, and his friend, Takeshi Saehara tried to wake him up. He tells Daisuke that something big was going to happen 11 o'clock that night and tricked Daisuke into accepting his duty of cleaning the art room.

When he got to the locked art room he realizes the card key he has is for the science room, so he slid open the panel and typed away at a keypad. He unlocked the door, but after entering, he sensed someone behind him.

When he looked back, he saw Hiwatari Satoshi. Daisuke wondered if Satoshi saw him and Daisuke, dismissed the subject and striked up a small talk about a recent artwork placed in the room called the "Godess' Laden". During the conversation, Satoshi asked Daisuke if he was free that night but Daisuke told him that it was his birthday hence he was not.

As Daisuke is walking home, he realized that he had to get home real soon or he will be in trouble.

Meanwhile, Satoshi analyzed the lock and found out that Daisuke was able to crack the combination in four seconds.

Daisuke opened the front door but no one was around in the hall. He took a step into the foyer but the ground gave way t
Untitled 2

Daisuke dodges all the obstacles and traps.

o a pit. Daisuke hungs onto the flooring and climbed up. He looked around and saw holes in the wall and floor sensors. He decided to run for it dodging all the traps and obstacles before finally arriving at a door with a big neon sign saying "Congratulations. Goal: Living Room". He sensed that there is high voltage flowing in the doorknob and found the switch behind the neon sign. He entered the room and was happily greeted by his mother. His grandfather also congratulated him and told him that this was the end of his training. However, Daisuke told them that he wasn't feeling good and he went towards his room. Inside his room, he saw the family rabbit pet Wiz, who had uncovered the portrait of Risa Harada which he had painted. He stared at the picture and recounted Risa’s words when he suddenly felt really strange.

Daisuke panics when he transformed into Dark

Daisuke rushed downstairs with a different appearance. Emiko and Daiki explained that for 300 years the Niwa family have carried the gene that transforms them to Phantom Thief called Dark and all male members of the family transform into Dark starting on their 14th birthday. In order to turn back to normal he had to steal the Sacred Maiden, a museum statue, that. His mom had already sent the warning letter to the media.

Takashi’s dad was a police inspector and he mobilizes everyone in anticipation of the robbery, which was the first of its kind after over 40 years. Media covered the event and the camera was able to capture a winged figure sails through the sky and it was Phantom Thief Dark. Risa, who had been watching the news, was fascinated by Dark’s appearance. Dark disappeared into the shadows and the guards started to run all over the area.

Untitled 3

Two Darks faces Satoshi

One of the guards, seeming injured told Inspector Saehara that he saw Dark at the main entrance so Saehara ordered everyone to go to the main entrance. The guard who was seemingly injured was then left alone in the room and this guard happened to be Dark in disguise. He uncovered the Sacred Maidenstatue and deactivated the force field around it.

However, Satoshi suddenly revealed himself and told Dark that he had been waiting his entire life to catch Dark. He pinned him quickly to the ground and Daisuke, inside Dark's body began to panic until Dark told him to leave the rest to him. Dark called a wind to blow at Satoshi and when Satoshi stood up he sees two Darks daring him to guess which one was real. Satoshi looked toward one of the Darks and a wind of black feathers rushed at him allowing Dark to escape out the window.

As Dark was about to get home, he saw Risa in the Harada Residence and he was reminded of a woman who resembles her. He felt his heart ache and he knew he was going to transform back. Just then, Riku switched places with Risa and told her that she was done taking a bath. Dark prompted to land on the Harada balcony before he transformed surprising Riku. Riku started to scream and to silence her, Dark forced her to kiss her on the lips.


  • The door to the Niwa living room has a round doorknob on the outside, but when Daisuke opens it from inside, he's pushing down a door handle.


  • "You know me. I don't want to settle for someone who's just plain and ordinary. I want someone taller, who really stands out from a crowd. I've been working very hard, myself, to be suitable for someone who's just like that. So I feel bad for Niwa, but..." (Risa to Riku)
  • "You don't know how happy I am you didn't get electrocuted!" (Emiko to Daisuke)

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