Freedert and elliot

Elliot and Freedert

Elliot was the son of a Duke and he had two friends - Freedert and Kyle. Even though their social standing was different, the three friends did everything together and practically grew up together. Eventually Elliot and Freedert became drawn to each other and they began to care deeply for one another. They promised each other that they would remain together forever.

However, fate had other ideas and war plagued the land and as the son of the Duke, Elliot was sent off to war. Before leaving, Freedert gave him a sword to protect himself. Before he left the village, he asked his most loyal, trusted friend Kyle, to take care of Freedert while he was gone. After hearing his friend's promise, he left for war.

Little did Elliot know, Kyle was madly in love with Freedert and this love made him insanely jealous of his former best friend. Knowing that if Elliot came back to Freedert, he would never be able to show his true feelings to the woman he loved, Kyle went to the Second Hand of Time to make an evil request. Praying to The Second Hand of Time to take away Elliot's remaining time on the Earth, Elliot was struck in the back on the battlefield, where he collapsed and died. In his back was an iron spear - shaped like the second hand of a clock.

When Freedert heard what had happened, she begged the Second Hand of Time to give what time she had left to save Elliot. She died and Elliot awoke to find himself surrounded by red petals from the flowers that Freedert loved so much. Kyle couldn't believe what Freedert had done and his beloved had willingly given up her life to save that of the man she loved.

Elliot returned to find the town in ruins and Freedert at the base of the Second Hand of Time - dying. Knowing now what she had done, Elliot too, begged the Second Hand of Time to give his time to save Freedert and taking the sword the Freedert had given him, he thrust it through his own heart. And although the Second Hand of Time could exchange their time - it couldn't create more and it couldn't restart the time that had stopped. Due to this Freedert became part of the Second Hand of Time and Elliot became part of the Chock of Time - the sword that Freedert had given to him and the one he'd stabbed himself with.

As for Kyle, the Second Hand of Time controlled what time he had left due to him making an evil request. Driven mad by his grief at losing the woman he loved and the best friend that had trusted him, Kyle was left to suffer with only his memories. He was allowed to die when he had repented for his evil wish. Writing the story down it was titled "Ice and Dark" which became a legend and the hope behind it was that it would prevent the possibility of it happening again.