Emiko Niwa is Daisuke Niwa's mother and a member of the Niwa family.

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Emiko is Daisuke's mother and Daiki's daughter. Since her mother died giving birth to her, she used to blame herself for her mother's death and because that she's a girl, she can't transform into Dark. When she was a girl, she was very popular. But whenever boys asked her out, she would only go out if they would be the father of her baby boy. But all of the boys just ran away.

When Daisuke's father, Kosuke, asked her why she wanted to have a baby boy, she told him that she would be the mother of Phantom Thief Dark. Also, he was the first guy to ever ask her that. She said that it meant he really wanted to know her. The reason Emiko wanted a boy was because she didn't want her child to feel the same way she did when she was a child.



Kosuke NiwaEdit

She and her husband are very close. Even though Kosuke isn't a part of Niwa Family, he devoted himself to be a researcher in order to help his wife in their destiny.

Daisuke NiwaEdit

She and Daisuke are close. She also trained her son to be a great thief since he was young. She also seems to know the activities that her son is having. Daisuke cares for her and vice-versa.


Dark cares for Emiko even though it is not quite obvious since Dark is sort of rude towards her. Dark plainly calls her 'Emiko' - without any honorifics which is considerably rude in Japan. Dark once said that Emiko is his "Mother" who gave birth to him.

Daiki NiwaEdit

She and his father are close. They are 'partners-in-crime' in some situations that involves Daisuke.