Hikari (氷狩 Hikari) is the only known name of Satoshi Hiwatari's ancestor, responsible for many of the magical artworks in D.N.Angel.

Appearance Edit

Like his known descendants, Hikari has light blue hair and dark blue eyes. His hair is long, almost covering his eyes and tied in a ponytail in the back. He is seen wearing simple pants and a shirt, though sometimes he also wears a light, knee-length coat.[1][2]

Personality Edit

Originally a humble man, Hikari is said to have been driven mad by his craft. He is passionate about his art, and his ambition drives him to destroy many of his creations in pursuit of his goal: to create living artworks.[1]

He cannot feel happiness unless he gives life to his creations, no matter what he must sacrifice in the process.[3]

History Edit

Hikari was once a poor artist, but eventually his artworks are noticed for their incredible, "lifelike" qualities. People become enamored with his creations, including the phantom thief, Niwa.

Satoshi Hiwatari describes Hikari's hands as being "sullied" when his madness leads him to instill life in his creations through a magical ritual. Hikari creates a large, unknown quantity of "grotesque monsters" during his lifetime, despite destroying any that do not possess the beauty or life he desires.[1]

He spends years obsessing about and creating the ultimate living artwork, Black Wings, in a cavernous building. However, his ritual for the finished artwork is interrupted by Niwa. Hikari grabs a nearby cross when the magic goes out of control and attaches itself to them in the form of a curse. Hikari's descendants inherit Krad and a short lifespan as a result of this encounter.[1]

Hikari is last seen by Niwa, slumped unconscious against the Black Wings with the cross still in his hand.[4]

Relationships Edit

Niwa Edit

According to Satoshi Hiwatari's account, Niwa and Hikari were each the person the other respected most.[1]

Trivia Edit

The cross that Hikari grabs is identical to the crest used by the modern Hikari family and the ornament on Krad's ponytail.[5][6]

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