Freedert and elliot

Elliot and Freedert

Ice and Dark was introduced in the series as a tragic fairytale known as "Ice and Snow".


There were three of them, Freedert and her two best friends, Elliot and Kyle, since childhood. The three of them did everything together.

Eventually, Elliot and Freedert were drawn to each other more and more. We're not sure when it began, but it was very real. But then the wars began,and Elliot went off into battle. Death lies in wait for all warriors on the battlefield. So Elliot asked his best friend Kyle to take care of Freedert if anything happened to him. "Of course. I'll take care of her, Elliot. I'll protect her no matter what happens." Kyle told Elliot. After hearing his promise, Elliot left. But Kyle, his own feelings for Freedert drove him mad with jealousy, until he felt only hate for his former best friend. Even if Elliot and Freedert lived happily ever after, he would never be free of these feelings.

Kyle went to the village's sacred artwork and protector, the Second Hand of Time and made the forbidden wish. He prayed to take away elliot's time! His wish was granted. Elliot was hit at the back by an arrow. He fell heavy. That particular arrow was neither fired by the enemy nor by accident. Witnesses claimed that the arrow was in the shape of a huge and sharp second hand piece.

When freedert heard elliot died she begged the Second Hand of Time to take her life instead. "Please give my time to him." She said. Her wish was granted too.

If it wasn't for Elliot's sake, Kyle would never have known that Freedert would give up her life. Having been revived by Freedert's sacrifice, Elliot returned. But the village was in ruins. The people had disappeared. And Freedert, whose life he tried to protect had already died.

"It could be said that I am alive because of her given time but I want it to be returned to her." Wishing that his time be transferred for freedert's safety, he took her sword and plunged it into himself.

And so ... The "Second Hand of Time" took pity on them and granted the wish. But time, when it stops .. it will not be possible to move again.

"This is all my fault ... I ..." And so the Second Hand of Time begun to collapse.

Finally, as Elliot lay dying at the base of the Second Hand of Time... the sword Freedert had given him began to glow strangely in his hand....

"The sword had stopped time in its place waiting for me to return.

The entire story recorded is a true story.

Kyle Anders


  • Though the fairytale was a revisioned version of the original story, it still remained tragic.
  • It was said that Kyle tried to commit suicide, but not until he wrote the truth about this tragedy was he finally allowed to die.
  • During the Cultural Revolution, the story was revised due to the cruelty conveyed throughout the story to the fairytale that was known in Daisuke's time.