Inspector Saehara (冴原 警部 Saehara-keibu) is a member of the Azumano Police Force, tasked with arresting Dark.

Appearance Edit

Saehara has dark hair and eyes, with bushy eyebrows. His cheekbones are prominent and his face already shows some wrinkles. He is frequently seen shouting and smoking cigarettes as well as wearing a brown Inverness cape or coat over a suit. His skin tone is slightly darker in the anime.


Loud and easily annoyed, Inspector Saehara has little patience for his subordinates' incompetence or Dark Mousy's taunts. His confidence that Dark will fall for his force's traps is not dampened even after several failed attempts. His emotional reactions are often used for comic relief in the series, but he is serious about his work and will quickly obey his superior officers' orders.[1]

History Edit

Not much is known about Inspector Saehara's past. He was a member of the police force before the series began, and sometime before Dark's first heist, he is assigned to the Special Task Force under the command of Satoshi Hiwatari.

In the anime Edit

Before the finale, Saehara is approached by Daiki Niwa, who warns him about the impending earthquake, the same that his own father had described to him years before. Initially, Saehara refuses to issue an evacuation, stating the difficulties and lack of evidence of a threat. He receives a call from Takeshi on his cellphone that tells him about the receding tide, but the call is cut short, increasing his worry. Not until the old commissioner orders him to issue the evacuation does Saehara make the public announcement.[2]


Takeshi SaeharaEdit


Saehara reviewing footage of Dark after his first heist.[3]

Takeshi is Saehara's energetic, teenage son with a passion for journalism. He often sneaks into restricted areas to photograph Dark's heists. He also gathers (and spreads) information about police operations that he overheard from his father.[3] Saehara knows about Takeshi's interest in Dark and questions him once about the thief's personality.[4]

Takeshi is responsible for the cooking, cleaning, and laundry in their home, as his mother is away and Saehara leaves the duties to him - much to Takeshi's annoyance. Takeshi can get his revenge and strike fear in his father's heart with a mention of his mother's return.[4]

Satoshi Hiwatari Edit

Satoshi is the special commander of the police task force in charge of capturing Dark as well as Saehara's direct superior officer. While Saehara can be frustrated by Satoshi's dismissive attitude and independent work methods, he nevertheless obeys his orders and only voices his frustration when Satoshi is not around.[3][5]

Dark Mousy Edit

Dark is Saehara's main target in the series. When Satoshi is not participating in the attempted capture of Dark, Saehara's men are even more easily outmaneuvered.[6] He tells Takeshi that his methods for capturing Dark would have to change if the thief actually did kidnap Risa Harada.[4]

Trivia Edit

  • Inspector Saehara's Inverness coat/cape (depending on whether it is drawn with sleeves or not) is reminiscent of the famous fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes.
  • A reference to Saehara's wife is not present in Volume 2 of the Tokyopop translation of the manga, unlike the Chinese translation.

Quotes Edit

  • "Darn you, Dark! He stole it in just one panel!"
  • "Is he really just an art thief? This case is different from all the others. People have even been hurt. And... it's just not like Dark, is what I think."

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