Kosuke Niwa
丹羽 小助
Romanji Niwa Kosuke
Japanese Voice Actor Masaki Terasoma
American Voice Actor Andy McAvin
First Appearance in Show Episode 12 "Together With Rutile..." (Anime)
First Appearance in Manga {{{two}}}
Gender Male
Age 30+
Status Alive
Family Niwa Family
Romances Emiko Niwa
Occupation Unknown
Best Friend None
Enemy None
Residence Niwa Residence
Alter Ego None

Background Edit

Kosuke Niwa (丹羽 小助Niwa Kosuke?) is the father of Daisuke Niwa  and husband to Emiko  . When he married Emiko, he agreed to take on the Niwa last name, to retain the family surname for future generations. At the start of the series, he has been on a journey for approximately 12 years, researching the phenomenon of Dark  and the history of the Hikari and Niwa rivalry. As such, he has learned a lot about magic and the magical artifacts created by the Hikari clan. When Kosuke returns home, he gives Daisuke a replica of Rutile as a souvenir from His journey, it has an ability to draw the holder's hidden abilities.


Kosuke is very serious when He needs to be, but generally He seems clumsy, exactly like his son. He is easily embarrassed by His Wife, Emiko, and Her antics.

In the anime adaptation, he gives Daisuke a ring called the Rutile of Grief, allowing Kosuke to share Daisuke's pain during a lengthy battle with Krad .


Althought He looks like clumsy and shy person, He possessed a great knowledge about the history and the artifacts that Hikari Clan created. 

He is also a fast re-searcher,When Daisuke is pulled into his painting by the Second Hand of Time , Kosuke is able to explain the true history of the fairy tale,Ice and Snow , which is really Ice and Dark and assist in rescuing his son.

Quotes Edit

  • Is that face yours? Or is it someone else's?
  • Hold on Diasuke!...alligator?!
  • About the dogs that chase Daisuke...