Krad Hikari
Romanji Kuraddo
Japanese Voice Actor Takeshi Kusao
American Voice Actor Illich Guardiola
First Appearance in Show Episode 4 Between Light and Darkness (Anime)
First Appearance in Manga Chapter 12-Stage 2, Vol. 2 (Manga)
Gender Male
Age 300 (400 in the manga) years old. He physically appears 19 years old.
Status Alive
Family Hikari Family, Dark Mousy, Satoshi Hiwatari/ Hikari
Romances N/A
Occupation N/A
Best Friend N/A
Enemy Dark Mousy
Residence Hikari Residence
Alter Ego Satoshi Hiwatari/ Hikari


Krad (クラッド Kuraddo) is an entity similar to Dark, living inside his "tamer" Satoshi Hiwatari. He is Dark's opposite in many ways, including his name ('Dark' spelled backwards), having blond hair, wearing white attire, and always speaking very politely using an extremely formal speech pattern. He is an entity of unknown origin who has appeared in the Hikari family for the last 400 years (300 in anime).

He is one half of the exalted Black Wings (a Hikari work of art), with Dark being the other half. It is apparent that they once belonged to the same artwork and were enjoined, but were at some point awakened and separated. In the end of the anime, Dark sacrifices himself to seal up Krad.

It is suggested that Satoshi wears glasses as a way of helping him keep Krad in check, as he notes that he does not actually need them and once they are removed he almost immediately feels Krad trying to emerge.

In the anime, it has been stated by Dark that Daisuke is the one who causes Satoshi to turn into Krad. Later on in the manga, one of Krad's transformations was caused by Satoshi's feelings of friendship towards Daisuke of wanting him safe. In that instant, Krad did not attack so it seemed Satoshi was in control.


Krad is a fairly tall, lean built male being with long blond hair which he wears in a high ponytail in the anime with a long strand falling between his eyes. He has a pointy chin, slender jaw and golden eyes that seem to have slit pupils, adding to his supernatural look. He has a pale skin with rose tint to it and possesses white wings, which is the opposite of Dark's black wings.

He is often seen wearing a long golden trimmed coat with a smaller caplet that is clasped around his neck. Under the coat appears to be white shoes, white pants/leggings, a lilac underskirt and a belt around the middle. This is mainly seen in the anime as in the manga, Krad is seen in several different outfits upon his appearances.

ie. When Daisuke lost Dark to the mirror, Krad had taken over Satoshi's body and was dressed in a t-shirt and jean looking pants. Another time when he was with Satoshi and talking, he wore a black turtle-neck looking shirt with a rather elaborate looking overcoat that had two arrow like pieces connecting in the front.


He is the complete opposite of Dark (with Dark's name spelled backwards) and also his worst enemy. Krad is the homicidal blond of the series who is the alter-ego of Hiwatari Satoshi. Apparently, Daisuke was the reason that Satoshi first transformed into Krad. With (Wiz) absolutely despises Krad and always tries to attack him on sight. Krad can be called insane, vicious, evil and is the main villain within this series. He attempts to kill Daisuke after their first encounter and has repetitively hunted after Dark throughout the years.

Krad has also been shown to be very confident, calculating and, at times, arrogant. In the anime, he loses control of his emotions more frequently than in the manga. The manga portrays him as a very calm and proper being who merely enjoys this game of 'cat and mouse' with his counterpart. For whatever reason, not yet revealed in the manga nor the anime, he will make it his goal to defeat/kill Dark Mousy.

Abilities Edit

Unlike Dark, Krad does not use any wings other than his own. When he calls forth his own wings, however, they cause a great amount of pain onto Satoshi Hikari thus causing him to pass out more often than not. Whereas Dark can be called forth out of his tamer's 'love', Krad is called forth out of the opposite and has been known to force his way out when Satoshi's feelings are mixed or his willpower is down. In the anime, he had to repetitively force his way out in using his wings; they would not only cause a pain to his tamer, but allow him to come out while Satoshi was dazed. In the manga, Krad speaks to Satoshi more often and continuously tries on his will. In the most recent manga adaptation, Krad takes on Satoshi's form in front of Daisuke after shooting Dark.

Krad is also proficient at magic and is shown to use more magic when engaged in a fight with Dark. In the anime, he possesses a magic akin to telekinesis when he freezes the Harada girl; and, in the manga, Krad is seen to posses a certain strength as seen when he had been choking Daisuke upon their meeting.

Relationships Edit

Satoshi Hiwatari/Hikari: Though Krad refers to Hiwatari as Master Satoshi or "his everything". Though he does not seem to posses any real care or love towards the male, he does know that he needs to use his body to take his form. He does indeed cause a great deal of pain to his master, creating the feeling that Satoshi is nothing more than a tool for Krad to use in his pursuit of Dark. He does state that he is 'possessive' over his tamer several times within the manga as well as the anime; because of this, Satoshi is forced into a very painful relationship upon Krad's awakening. Though there are times when the pair can be seen chatting in the manga, there is no clear 'relationship' between them as Dark and Daisuke have.

Dark Mousy: Krad's relationship with Dark is complicated. In the anime, he sees him as a rival or a 'pest' that needs getting rid of for a reason that is not mentioned other than the Hikari family needs to be rid of Dark Mousy. In the manga, however, he mocks Dark for things that happened within Dark's past. Dark is currently trying to piece everything about himself together after he finds out his feelings for Risa are those of love. Krad also lets on that he knows the secrets about Dark's past and his 'wish', which would be to live his own life and be him, not just an alter-ego. Krad and Dark were both derived from the Hikari artwork KokuYoku' or 'Black Wings' but not too much has been mentioned about it otherwise.

Daisuke Niwa: Daisuke and Krad's relationship is a hateful one. Krad, because of Daisuke's connection to Dark as well as his close friendship with Satoshi, seems to hate the boy and wishes him harm. Daisuke is choked upon he and Krad's first meeting in the manga and in the anime, Krad tries to kill the boy when they are caught in the freezer in episode 4.

Risa Harada: In the anime, she is attacked by Krad along with her sister and is ultimately in love with Dark Mousy. In the manga, Risa, after being kidnapped by a rouge Hikari artowrk named Argentine, is saved by Satoshi in Krad's form. She starts remembering the 'white feathers' and slowly starts to put things together. Krad, or Satoshi in Krad's form, was what saved her while Dark fought Argentine. As of yet, it is unclear if she holds any feelings for Satoshi or Krad, but she has encountered the 'white angel'.

Riku Harada: Riku, in the anime, had been attacked by Krad when her and her sister had been wanting to go and save Daisuke. She was frozen by Krad's magic and was almost struck by the Pin of Time' Krad had been using as a weapon. Dark saves her from being hurt.


  • Because Krad is the curse of the Hikari family, many fans know his full name as Krad Hikari.
  • One very popular nickname for Krad is Homicidal Blonde.
  • Krad frequently addresses Dark with 'Mousy' and is the only person to do so.


  • "Humans are not endless."
  • "If touching those feelings hurts you, don't go and touch them."
  • "My name is Krad. But you do not have to remember it, because here you will die."
  • "The 'noble' black winged half."
  • "DARK."