Menou Kurashina is a minor character in the series of D.N Angel. However, she plays a large role in the life of the previous phantom thief of the series. She happens to be bound to the Agate Links for 40 years.

Kurashina Menou
Kurashina menou
Kurashina Menou
Romanji Kurashina Menou
Japanese Voice Actor Yuko Nagashima
American Voice Actor Sasha Paysinger
First Appearance in Show Episode 8
First Appearance in Manga Chapter 10
Gender Female
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Status Dead
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She has blue eyes and long blonde hair. She is seen in episode 8 wearing a long red dress.


She is a shy, timid girl who plays an important role in the story due to her connection to Daiki's life.


She is an young ill girl who is locked up in her room. One day, however, Daiki happens to meet her while he was returning home from stealing. Upon learning the circiumstances as to why she remained in the room most of the time, Daiki visit Menou a lot. Her character plays a major role in Daiki's life. She befriends him, despite him being a phanton thief. One day, Daiki promised her that he will give her an art piece called Agate Links. That was the first time Daiki stolen an art piece that wasn't from the Hikari family. The art piece share the same name as Menou. Originally, Daiki was planning to reveal to Menou his true identify once he given her the art piece. Tragically, Menou passed away from her illness before Daiki could give her the art piece. Daiki says that he believes that she is the one who had come to save him.

After her death from illness, her spirit continued waiting for Daiki, mistaking Daisuke for his grandfather due to their strong visual resemblance.