This page will list all the minor artworks from the D.N.Angel manga and anime that don't have enough background to justify a full page.

Saint Tears Edit

The Saint Tears is a statue picturing the bust of a maiden found in the Azumano museum. It was created by the Hikari family more than 300 years ago[reference needed].

It is the first artpiece that Daisuke steals, the day of his 14th birthday. As Daiki explains that the boy has to obtain his "Sacred Maiden" to make Dark disappear from his body, Daisuke misunderstands and thinks that the Saint Tears is the "Sacred Maiden". Only after the heist does he learn that his "Sacred Maiden" is in fact the girl he loves.

While trying to catch Dark, Satoshi Hiwatari indicates that he doesn't care about the Saint Tears being stolen or not[1].

Fallen Angel’s Love Potion Edit

The Fallen Angel's Love Potion is a small transparent bottle with a wing-shaped cap. It contains a mysterious liquid Dark accidentally spills on Riku Harada as he hides from the police in her room. After kissing the girl to stop her screams and changing back into Daisuke, the thief abandons the now empty bottle in Riku's bedroom. The following day, Riku, who saw Daisuke, tries to return the artwork to his classmate, but Daisuke says it doesn't belong to him[2].

If that liquid really is a love potion, this artwork caused Riku's feelings toward Daisuke, as he was the first person she saw after the it touched her.

Euphelia's Nightscape Edit

Euphelia's Nightscape is a precious painting made by a member of the Hikari family before the Cultural Revolution. It shows a view of the Euphelia river in Azumano at night.

After Dark announces he'll steal it, the name of the targetted artwork is kept secret from the general public. It appears that the protected version in the museum is a fake used as a bait by commissioner Hiwatari. The location of the real painting and whether it has been stolen or not remain a mystery[3].

Moonlight and Sunlight masks Edit


The Sunlight mask

The Moonlight and Sunlight masks are wearable Hikari artworks that resemble each other closely.

Whereas the Niwa family has been owning the Sunlight mask for a long time, Dark steals the Moonlight mask from the Le Garre Museum with Daisuke on the day of the anniversary of the State's foundation. To rescue Dark, who has been caught by Satoshi, With wears the Sunlight mask in front of the commander and runs away, allowing the thief to escape.

When worn, the Sunlight mask prevents its user from lying and the Moonlight mask forces to be honest, a power Daisuke has tested by unwillingly confessing to Riku after the heist[4].

Sage of Sleep Edit

The Sage of Sleep is a Hikari artwork made of two parts, an earing and a mirror, a detail only Satoshi Hiwatari seems to know[5].

The earing part is exposed in a museum before Dark steals it, while the mirror is in Satoshi's possession. The commander of police can then track and watch Dark, who wears the jewellery.

The next time Dark announces one of his heists (stealing the Eternal Mark), Satoshi uses the Sage of Sleep's magic to lock Dark in the mirror[6], which is later thrown into the ocean by Krad[7]. Towa (the humanized appearance of the Eternal Mark) retrieves it and guides Daisuke in its world in a quest to find Dark again[8].

The Sage of Sleep can resonate with the dreams of the person who enters him, creating a custom world according to their most important wish.

Chock of Time Edit

The Chock of Time (時の楔, Toki no Kusabi) is a golden sword connected to the Second Hand of Time through Elliot and Freedert.

The Chock of Time is a sword given to Elliot by Freedert when he has to go off to war. After realizing Freedert has traded her time against his, he uses the sword to kill himself and becomes bound to it the way Freedert was bound to the Second Hand of Time. The sword remains hidden in a place unknown to the Niwa family before Satoshi Hiwatari reunits it with the Second Hand of Time.

Whisper of Memory Edit


The Whisper of Memory is an artwork that briefly appears as Risa selects it to put a fake heist warning, in hope of making Dark appear that night. It resembles a big crown encrusted with precious gems.

Despite being under a museum display, both Risa and Emiko manage to access it to put and take away the warning without anyone noticing[9].

Laura's ring Edit

The Laura's ring is a piece of jewelry Dark stole from a museum. It looks like a ring with a gem and delicate ornaments and is kept inside a red box.

It mysteriously disappears from its box before Daisuke gets a chance to show it to his mother. The family later finds out that it has been taken and repaired by Argentine, who had managed to hide inside the ring to enter the Niwa home[10].

Nameless artworks Edit

Reflecting mirror Edit

During Riku's date with Daisuke in Azumano Joyland, Emiko disguises herself as a saleswoman and gives a giftbox to the unsuspecting girl, pretending Daisuke had bought it in one of the stores earlier[11]. Inside the box is a mirror that has the ability to concentrate and reflect light, thus that can shine in the dark.

Later, Riku notices this particularity as she is caught in the dark in an attraction because of a power shortage. However, the mirror stops reflecting when Daisuke, in Dark's body, sits next to her[12].

Sealing jewelry Edit

Kosuke Niwa brings several artworks from his journey. Only three have been revealed yet: two rings and a bracelet that all have the ability to turn Dark or Krad back into their host when the latter wants it. However, this power can only be used once.

Rejected by Risa for the second time, Daisuke retreats back into Dark's mind, leaving the thief do as he wishes. Kosuke, who just returned from his journey, puts a ring on Dark's middle finger of the right hand to make his body change back into Daisuke's and explains that the piece of jewelry can only be taken off if Daisuke and Dark decide to do it together. That doesn't stop Dark from trying to get rid of it himself, in vain.
The following day, Dark explores his consciousness, searching for Daisuke. As both boys finally come to a mutual understanding, Daisuke comes back and the ring disappears by itself from his finger[13].

Kosuke gives his second ring to Satoshi Hiwatari when the latter is brought to the Niwa home after fainting at school. The ring has a simpler design than the first one, and engraved writing on the inside. Kosuke explains that that artifact is able to repress his "shadow" - Krad - once[14]. Satoshi wears it on the ring finger of his right hand several days later, as he infiltrates Argentine's tower with Daisuke, and uses it to turn back into himself after using Krad's power to save Risa from falling from the building. The ring breaks into several pieces after that[15].

Kosuke also gives Daisuke a bracelet to give him an advantage during his and Dark's double date with Riku and Risa in Azumano Joyland. Again, Dark can't take it off by himself[16]. The black bracelet, that resembles a thick chain, is used in extremis by Daisuke as Riku is about to see Dark in his place. Unlike the rings, the bracelet doesn't break[17].

Anime-exclusive artworks Edit

Horn of Neptune Edit

The Horn of Neptune is an anime-only artwork that first appeared in episode 11, The Temple of Neptune.

Ehrlich von Vandembagu's violin Edit

This magical violin only appears in episode 10, The Portrait of a Certain Musician, of the anime.

Statue of Adonis Edit

The statue of Adonis is an anime-only artwork that appears in episode 7, Adonis of the Promise Garden.

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