Azumano Joyland Edit

Azumano Joyland is an amusement park Emiko selects as a date location for Dark and Daisuke's double date with Risa and Riku in volume 9[1]. The park includes rides, shops and a cinema. Many of the rides and decorations have rabbit and wings details and decorations.

Old Clover Mansion Edit

The 16th episode of the anime focusses on it.

Museums Edit

Le Garre Museum Edit

The Moonlight mask is exhibited into the Le Garre Museum before being stolen by Dark. Keiji Saga takes advantage of the heist by recording a television advertisement in front of the museum[2].

Lagalith Art Museum Edit

The Lagalith Art Museum is where the Agate Links is exhibited after being anonymously donated[3]. The necklace only stays 4 days before Dark steals it.

Anime-exclusive locations Edit

The D.N.Angel anime takes place in a town that doesn't share Azumano's aesthetics and has its own unique locations.

Grande Station Edit

Grande Station

The Grande Station

The Grande Station is the other end of the tram station which leads to the main town of the area.

References Edit

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