Menou's Warning Letter
Episode 8
Airdate May 22, 2003
Romanji Menou no Yokoku Jyou
Kanji 瑪瑙の予告状
Opening White Night-True Light-
Ending Gentle Afternoon
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Adonis of the Promise Garden
A Little Romance
Menou's Warning Letter is the eighth episode in the D.N. Angel anime.


After a trip to the museum, Daisuke 's grandfather sends out a warning notice that Dark will steal the Agate Links necklace. Saehara  goes to take a photo of it, but ends up photographing a mysterious girl and falling head over heals for her. Dark goes to seal the necklace, but meets the girl who begs Dark for one more day. Dark agrees and that night, Daisuke's grandfather tells Daisuke about a girl he meet when he was Dark, forty years ago. That girl is Menou. Daisuke's grandfather gave the Agate Link to her the day before she died and she has been sealed to it, waiting for Daisuke's grandfather for eternity. When Dark goes to steal the necklace the next day, it is Saehara that stops him, and the girl is touched by Saehara's kindness. 

Menou saying thanks

Menou saying thank's to Daisuke

Dark steals the necklace, but turns back into Daisuke so she can see her phantom thief from forty years ago one last time.
Saehara accidentaly takes a photo of menou

Saehara Accidentally takes a Photo of Menou

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