Mio Hio
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桧尾 みお
Romanji Hio Mio
Japanese Voice Actor Taeko Kawata
American Voice Actor Jessica Boone
First Appearance in Show Episode 14(Anime)
First Appearance in Manga {{{two}}}
Gender Female
Age unknown
Status unknown
Family Hikari family
Romances Daisuke
Occupation student
Best Friend none
Enemy Daisuke
Residence unknown
Alter Ego none

Mio Hio is a character that only appears in the anime adaptation of D.N. Angel. In the English adaptation of the anime she is voiced by Jessica Boone and Taeko Kawata in the Japanese version.

Part In The AnimeEdit

Mio Hio is a living voodoo doll created by Kei Hiwatari, and a pawn in his plans against Dark Mousy and - by extention - Daisuke Niwa. Mio is given the appearance of a student Daisuke's age and given the false background of a transfer student from America.

Her body is only a temporary form with a limited existance. In order for Mio to obtain a 'real life', Kei tells her that she must sacrifice someone, Daisuke, by getting him to wear half of a pair of a powerful charms that would steal his soul. Mio makes a number of attempts to do this, however as she got to know Daisuke, she fell in love with him and decided she didn't want him to die.

During the 'A Summer Without Dark' and 'Two Under The Shooting Stars' episodes, Mio gives the pair of powerful charms to Riku to put on Daisuke, however she comes to regret this action. Mio then attempts to get Riku to give back the charms, by 'trading up' for better ones - and when she fears that Riku is (unknowingly) going to use the charms to steal Daisuke's soul she rushes out to stop them.

After more attempts to take back the powerful charms, Mio eventually sacrifices herself to save Daisuke at the end of the 'Because I Wanted To See You' episode.

Mio makes one last appearance in the final episode (Eternal Dark), requesting the help of the Harada twins so that she could do one final thing. Borrowing their strength she is able to come out of the charm - that she had earlier sealed herself in to save Riku and Daisuke - Mio confronts Kei Hiwatari. She tries to save him from being consumed by the Hikari artworks, but he ends up being injured by Dark and Krads fight (and possibly knocked unconcious for a while). Mio returns to the Harada twins afterwards and thanks them for everything, and asks Riku to pass on her final words to Daisuke, before disappearing forever.


Takeshi is displayed as having a huge crush on Mio and often spied on her, but Mio showed no affection back unless she could use him to her advantage. She is told to pretend to have an enormous crush on Daisuke, but really regrets her actions towards him, knowing that they are just to eventually destroy him. She proves her worth by protecting him from the charm Riku tries to give him, sealing herself away instead.

Behind the ScenesEdit

In the English dubbed anime, Mio speaks with an improper or slangish version of the English language, and sports a stronger accent than other characters. This has seen to have changed from when she appeared to the Harada twins, when she needed to borrow their bodies to confront Kei Hiwatari.


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