Five pieces of theme music are used in the anime adaptation. The song "White Night -True Light-" (白夜 〜True Light〜 Byakuya -True Light-), by Shunichi Miyamoto, is used for the opening for twenty four episodes.

For the ending theme, "Gentle Afternoon" (やさしい午後 Yasashii Gogo) is used for the first twelve episodes, and "The Day It Begins" (はじまりの日 Hajimari no Hi) is used for episodes 13-23 and episode 25. Both songs are performed by Minawo.

Episode 24 uses the song "Caged Bird", by , for its ending, while the final episode of the series uses Miyamoto's song "Guidepost" (道標 Michishirube).

Opening ThemesEdit

Opening Themes
# Song Title Performed by Episodes
01 Byakuya ~True Light~ Shunichi Miyamoto 02 - 25

Ending ThemesEdit

Ending Themes
# Song Title Performed by Episodes
01 Yasashii Gogo Minawo 02 - 12
02 Hajimari no Hi Minawo 13 - 23 ; 25
03 Caged Bird Shunichi Miyamoto 24
04 Michishirube Shunichi Miyamoto 26

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