Daisuke/Dark’s next mission is to steal a bird relief that is atop of the Central Church. However, Risa, who has a crush on Dark, makes Daisuke promise to go with her to see Dark late at night. Once Dark obtains the relief, he challenges Daisuke to escape without Dark’s help, and the winner gets to do whatever he wants. When Daisuke got back on the street, Risa was standing there and seeing her causes Daisuke turns into Dark, who then asks her out on a date.


Riku splashes water on her face and ponders whether that was a dream. Then Risa arrived and announced she had found the perfect man to fall in love with: Phantom Thief Dark!

Emiko and Daiki made an incantation to restrain the powers of the recently stolen Sacred Maiden statue. Emiko then told Daisuke it was time for bed. However, Daisuke asked for the reason the sacred maiden was not working and whether he’ll be alright. Emiko showed a picture of Risa, and Daisuke’s heart started pounding. Then Emiko showed a picture of grandfather and the mood was ruined; he didn’t change. Emiko and Daiki remarked that as long as he liked Risa he couldn’t change back. Daisuke made the connection that Risa and Riku were the Sacred Maidens. Only when his love was returned will he be able to change back hence the DNA was activated by feelings of unrequited love.

Riku pondered how Dark kind of looked like Daisuke. She thought how Daisuke was a bumbling, clumsy guy, but wondered if she had started to have feelings for him. Meanwhile, Risa was reading her latest fortune. She turned over the Alchemist card and was pleased at the result. She then checked on Riku’s fortune and was shocked at the result. She immediately asked Riku if she kissed anyone. Riku denied it but then thought that the kiss with Dark must have been a dream so it should not count. Risa explained that based on the cards she was going to fall in love with Dark. Riku shrugged off that idea and leaves. Risa looked out the window dreamily but then a golden bird darted by.

At class, Saehara explained how there were two accidents last night where the witnesses saw a bird. He concluded that it must be Dark. Risa refuted this, saying Dark wouldn’t do that because she saw a similar bird that matches the description.

Riku was running late to class when she bumped into Daisuke. Surprised, she pushed Daisuke down and he was knocked out. Meanwhile, Daiki looked over the recent incidents and pondered if it was the central church.

Daisuke woke up in the nurse’s office bed. Risa was there to greet him and told him that Riku was going to visit but she went instead because she wanted to be alone with him. Before Daisuke can ponder if it was a confession, Risa explained she had something special to tell him. She told him that she had fallen in love with Dark and she wanted to see him the next time he’s out but it would not be safe for a girl to be alone so she thought Daisuke could accompany her. Daisuke agreed but warned her that when he was around she might not be able to see Dark.

Meanwhile Riku thought of Daisuke in class, and it had distracted her. She tried to pull herself together but had doodled Daisuke’s name on her notebook.

At home, Emiko handed Daisuke a new set of clothes fit for Dark. She told him she had already sent the notice, and Daiki explained that he had to steal the Brass Relief from the central church. Daisuke got a phone call from Risa who was excited the Dark had announced his next robbery target. She wanted Daisuke to come out with her. Emiko showed Daisuke Risa’s picture and he transformed. Emiko greeted Dark and gave him a black feather which contained the bird’s transforming power.

Risa was at the train station and remarked that Daisuke was late.

Meanwhile at the church, Satoshi and Inspector Saehara were watching the church building with large spotlights beaming at the relief. Detective Saehara has officers everywhere and assuresd Satoshi that there was no way Dark can take it. Satoshi disagrees and took a walk to a side alley where he suddenly felt some pain in his chest, remarking to himself “No, too soon!”

The clock tower rang announcing Dark’s appointed time of the robbery and all the lights went out for a moment. Saehara told the officers to get the lights back on, and within seconds everything is up again. He looked at the relief and it was still there.

On the tower, Dark had set up a projector and was beaming a picture of the relief in its place. He looked at a picture and transformed back to Daisuke, who wondered where he was. He found a letter from Dark and read it. His mission now was to escape without transforming into Dark, but if he was to fail, Dark gets to do whatever he wanted. Daisuke protested briefly.

Outside, Detective Saehara was becoming impatient. Satoshi suspected something as he peered carefully at the relief and saw the curtain moved. He quickly rushed into the building knowing that Dark had penetrated it.

Meanwhile Daisuke pondered and looked out the curtain and was surprised that there were lots of people outside. He carefully crawled out a window and walked along a ledge then jumped onto a roof. He slipped but catched his grip and made his way into a room. Daisuke rested for a while until he heard Satoshi voice. Daisuke tried to hide in a corner behind some boxes. Satoshi entered the room and walked toward Daisuke. Suddenly, the golden bird in Daisuke’s backpack activated and flew around at Satoshi. Daisuke used the time to jump out the window and fired a hook to the wall but missed. Satoshi flinged the contents of a potion at the bird and it flew out the window.

Daisuke landed in a lake while Risa outside the park waiting for Dark. As he climbed out the fence, Risa spotted him and he freaked out. He told her not to come closer, and ran away. Risa catched up to him but Daisuke had turned into Dark. Dark boldly asked Risa for a date, but before she could answer the golden bird swooped down at Dark. Dark jumped up onto the top of a tree and pulled out the card with black feather. Satoshi looked out the window armed with a white feather, but saw Dark using the card to capture the bird in a glow of light. The bird returned to Dark’s backpack. Risa was amazed at Dark’s work.. He saw Risa but somehow she reminded him of a woman he once knew. He started to react. Daisuke was again back to his body and he wondered what Dark did.


  • The Alchemist card, which Risa had drawn during her Tarot card reading means "A sudden change will occur in her love life."


  • Reunion... Mystery... Faith... The card that decides them all. Alchemist?! No way, really? Then let's see Riku's. Huh! Really?! (Risa to herself while fortune telling)
  • Why, why, why? Even if it was a dream... for Niwa's face to appear.... (Riku to herself while thinking of the kiss she received from Daisuke)
  • Ah! Riku! Listen, listen! I finally found my perfect man. And his name is... Dark. (Risa to Riku)
  • That's right! The only way you'll be free of Dark, is when your love is returned. Isn't that adorable? (Emiko to Daisuke)