Rika Harada

Rika Harada is Risa and Riku's grandmother. Dark was once in love with her and he only humored Risa's attraction because she reminded him of his lost love. Risa eventually realizes that she was insensitive to his feelings and was quite a burden on him. Finally coping with the fact that he loved and still was in love with her grandmother Risa tells Dark that she's glad he was in love with her grandmother, after him having just saved her sister Riku and Dark tells her she has finally become a fine lady as he flies to battle Krad for the last time. That was the last time they ever saw each other.


Episode 2 Episode 16 Episode 19



  • The Harada twins' grandmother's name, Rika, is a mixture of " Risa" and "Riku."
  • Rika only appears in the anime , not in the manga.

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