The Rutile

This ring only appears in anime, in Episode 12 "Together With Rutile"


When Kosuke returns home from his travel that almost took him for 12 years, He gave Daisuke a replica of famed Rutile Ring as a souvenir, although it's only a replica, like the real one it has an ability to draw out the  hidden abilities of the one who hold's it, however it could drive that person to destruction.

Kosuke shares the pain

Kosuke Blocks Krad's attack

Kosuke has also the same ring which he use to share the pain with Daisuke when fighting Krad.

Dark using the rutile

Dark Using the rutile that kosuke gave to Daisuke


  • In the anime it is also called as Rutile of Grief.
  • Kosuke's Rutile glows when Dasuke is in Danger.