Hiwatari Satoshi
日渡 怜 / 氷狩 怜
Romanji Hiwatari Satoshi / Hikari Satoshi
Japanese Voice Actor Akira Ishida
American Voice Actor Greg Ayres
First Appearance in Show Episode 1, Dark Revived (Anime)
First Appearance in Manga Chapter 1, Vol. 1 (Manga)
Gender Male
Age 14
Status Alive
Family Hikari family, Chief Superintendent Hiwatari
Romances Daisuke Niwa (Many suggestions/hints throughout the anime and manga)

Risa Harada (Subtle suggestions in manga and towards the end of the anime)

Occupation Police Commander
Best Friend Daisuke
Enemy Dark Mousy
Residence Appartment
Alter Ego Krad

Satoshi Hiwatari is a recurring character in the series of DN Angel. He is the last known heir to the Hikari Family, and current alter ego to Krad, which often puts him at odds with Daisuke Niwa and Dark Mousy.

Background Edit

After his mother's death, Satoshi was adopted by a 26 year old police officer by the name of Hiwatari and so his name was changed from Hikari to Hiwatari to reflect that. Kei Hiwatari seems to have been aware of the fact that the Hikari curse runs through Satoshi and uses his artistic abilities and that of his ancestors to his advantage, ultimately becoming obsessed by the amount of power the works of art posess.

An extremely intelligent person, Satoshi graduated from High School at the age of eight, and obtained a college degree at the age of thirteen. Despite his intelligence, Satoshi knows nothing of family love or friendship. In the anime adaption, viewers know nothing of his life as a Hikari and his adoptive father doesn't show him much compassion; however it is later shown that Kei Hiwatari was once a loving parent before the power of the artwork posessed him.

When he is introduced to the series, Satoshi Hiwatari is the police commander in charge of the pursuit and capture of the Phantom Thief Dark. He enrolled in Daisuke's middle school in order to be closer to Dark's alter ego, who he knew to be Daisuke.


Calm and composed, Satoshi rarely shows his emotions causing others to find him distant and cold. Yet this does not stop others - such as Daisuke Niwa - from insisting on becoming his friend.


Satoshi is the last heir of the Hikari family, which created artworks with powerful magical properties. However, unlike most of his line, he is unable to create art of his own, though he can make an exact copy of any piece he chooses even if he has only seen it once. Although it might just be that he chooses not to create, knowing what his creations might do, instead of being unable to create.

As the heir of the Hikari family, Satoshi houses the soul of Krad, similar to how Daisuke houses the soul of Dark Mousy. Unlike Dark, Krad is homicidal and cares nothing for Satoshi, causing Satoshi to regularly fight to keep him inside. Satoshi suggests that wearing glasses is a way of helping keep Krad in check, as he notes that he does not actually need them. What abilities are granted to Satoshi from his connection to Krad aren't clearly stated in the series.

It is stated by Krad that Satoshi needs to care for someone in order for him to emerge in the first place. Krad also has been known to get after Satoshi about his emotions and such.

Relationship Edit

Fans often suggest that Satoshi has deeper feelings for Daisuke than that of friendship. This is implied by the fact that the Angels' appearances are triggered by feelings of romance or love, and Satoshi's transformations appear to be triggered by Daisuke, especially in the Manga. Krad, in fact, does suggest deeper feelings during the Anime series while taunting Satoshi (Krad obviously feeling the changes in the boy's emotions). Satoshi himself has never openly stated such a thing, nor did he deny accusations. (This is evident whilst the two are at the beach and Risa and Riku point out the possibility). As aforementioned, the teen is 'calm, composed and rarely shows his emotions;' therefore, if Satoshi had been completely against the notion, he would not have said 'Who knows?' or 'You never know.' before taking his leave. Furthermore, the look in Satoshi's eyes while Daisuke explaining that he will find that 'person who is happy just for him (Satoshi) to be alive', might very well be an indication of this as well.

Some fans think Satoshi has feelings for Risa Harada. From time to time, he gets concerned about Risa. For instance, in volume 13, he transforms to Krad to rescue Risa. After transforming back, he wonders why he feels a warmth in his chest. Also, at the end of episode 26 in the anime both give each other embarrassed looks that people who are attracted to each other give.

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