Second Hand of Time
The Second Hand of Time (Romaji: Toki No Byoushin) also known as the "Guardian of Time", is an artwork created by the Hikari Family.


The Second Hand of Time has two forms: an artwork form and a human form. As an artwork, it appears to be like icebergs, the center and largest one having a red gem on its top. As a human, it has the appearance of a presumably 14-year old girl with snow-white hair and green eyes. She is also sometimes Freedert


When Daisuke was brainwashed and brought inside the second hand of time, Freedert pleaded with him to keep on painting, as Daisuke's paintings are the only thing that keeps the Second Hand of Time alive. She tells Daisuke that she is waiting until Elliot finds her, so they can be together forever. Even with the help of Daisuke, Freedert's world begins to fade, weakening her along the process. When Dark finds Daisuke and forcefully pulls him out of the painting, Satoshi plunges "The Wedge of Time" sword in to Daisuke's painting. The sword takes the form of Elliot and stabs Freedert in the chest, and her blood flower petals scatter. As The Second Hand of Time slowly disappears Elliot and Freedert can be seen in a tight embrace, saying "We'll be together, forever."

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