Chapter 3 is entitled Second Warning (of a Fallen Angel) or Fallen Angel's Notice is part of Volume 1 of DN Angel.


It is summer time and their PE class is swimming. Daisuke fears that he will transform since he transforms just thinking about Risa at home.

Daisuke and Riku are partners at swimming class. The two looked at each other. Daisuke thought that Riku is very different compared to Risa although they look the same. Riku meanwhile thought Daisuke is a weirdo.Wh

While swimming, Saehara bumped to Risa causing her to collide with Daisuke and instantly, Daisuke transformed to Dark. While hiding, Wiz, who had come along with Daisuke went to his shoulder and he transformed into Daisuker. Wiz who had transformed into Daisuker told Daisuke in Dark's body that he will take care of the rest.

Saehara went looking for him but bumped into Wiz transformed into Daisuke. He was so irritated at Daisuke that he pushed him to the pool. However, Wiz hated the water so he drowned. Seeing this, Satoshi jumped into the water and saved him doing a CPR. Outraged at the scene, Daisuke in Dark's body accidentally revealed himself to Riku. Riku started calling him pervert. Thinking that a pervert had came into the pool, their other classmate came to look for him leaving Satoshi and Wiz, who had transformed back to being Wiz.

Inspector Saehara was shown shouting at his men that Dark's target that time is the Fallen Angel's Love Potion and he ordered him to look for him. Satoshi, meanwhile ordered a few men with him, to the place that Dark might escape to.

Meanwhile, Dark had infiltrated the place and was caught by Satoshi then asked him if he is the one that can swim. At those words, Dark flew leaving Satoshi and Daisuke feared that Satoshi already knew that he and Dark are one and the same.

While hiding, they found themselves inside the Harada residence. Riku saw them and tried screaming pervert. Dark pinned her down and in an attempt to stop her from screaming, he kissed her. Just then, Dark transformed back into Daisuke.

The next morning, Riku tried to return the Fallen Angel's Love Potion thinking that he will give himself away if he accepted it. Daisuke, however, thinking along the same line, denied that it was his.

Suddenly, while thinking of Riku at the rooftop, Daisuke transformed into Dark and surprising Daisuke.


  • "Although they're twins, they are completely different. Yet they look exactly the same." (Daisuke to himself while looking at Riku)
  • "You have to keep in mind Daisuke, Dark is also yourself." (Emiko to Daisuke)
  • "This was the same as before... that night we fell onto earth, where the two fallen angel's love awaits us..." (Daisuke to himself)