St. White Memories
Episode 6
Kosuke and Emiko
Airdate May 8, 2003
Romanji Sento Howaito Memoriisu
Kanji セント ホワイト メモリース
Opening White Night-True Light-
Ending Gentle Afternoon
Episode guide
Double Cooking
Adonis of the Promise Garden
St. White Memories is the sixth episode in the D.N.Angel anime.


Emiko 's birthday is coming up and Daisuke  isn't sure what to get her.Daisuke wants to buy a present... but his wallet is more than a little empty. He learns the story of how his mother and father meet, and how it was his mother's dream to be the mother of Dark. When he's still trying to come up with something, Dark makes a suggestion and they send out a warning notice to capture the heart of the "world's number one lady". Emiko, convinced the notice is a fake because she didn't send the notice herself, goes out to the roof to catch the fake Dark, but when the real Dark appears, Emiko gets her real birthday present -- thanks from Dark  for her wanting to be his mother, and a drawing from Daisuke.

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