Takeshi Saehara is Daisuke’s schoolmate and friend of ten years. As the son of police Inspector Saehara, who is pursuing Dark, he is shown to be an enthusiastic reporter who uses his father’s contacts to obtain news, particularly about Dark.


Excitable, friendly, rude and irresponsible, Takeshi can be reckless in making plans to get photographs of Dark. He is seen bribing Daisuke into doing his homework and his duties at school by offering candid photographs of Risa. He is shown to do all of the house work at home, and is considered a good cook by his fellow students.

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In the anime, Takeshi falls in love with Mio Hio (who doesn't reciprocate his feelings). Like in the manga, Saehara often takes control of class events, as seen in episode 19, Beautiful Heroine. Takeshi is continually misunderstanding things (why Mio was talking to Daisuke on the vacation, why Daisuke took his ice cream, etc.).


  • In chapter 2 in the manga, Takeshi breaks the fourth wall by saying "This is a shoujo manga."
  • Takeshi often uses photos of Dark as a mean of getting things from girls.