Towa, (永遠の標,Towa no Shirube), nicknamed "To-to", also known as Eternal Mark, is an artwork created by the Hikari.

Towa no Shirube
Towa no Shirube
Romanji Towa no Shirube
Japanese Voice Actor Rie Tanaka
American Voice Actor Monica Rial
First Appearance in Show Episode 13
First Appearance in Manga Chapter 13
Gender Female
Age 98
Status Alive
Family Hikari Family

Niwa Family (later)

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Enemy Argentine
Residence Niwa Household
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Background Edit


She first appeared in series to help Daisuke after Dark was sealed in a mirror. The mirror fell into the ocean after Krad attacks Daisuke on a school field trip. Towa-chan has the ability to find things, so she found the mirror and gave it to Daisuke because he looked cute to her. Then she made a deal with Daisuke. If she became his "Guide" to the mirror world, he would find Dark and a way out. She promised him a "one-way trip". Dark brought her back to life from a kiss after she exhausted all her energy helping Daisuke in the mirror world. Daisuke also had to bring her home where she became a maid.

Later on in the manga via short story, Argentine joins her as butler.


She first appeared in the anime when Daisuke asked for her help in order to save Dark, Risa and Saehara, but as a result uses too much energy. So in return for helping Daisuke, Dark gives her some of his energy and brings her to Daisuke home, Towa choses to begin living in the Niwa household. She assists Daisuke and Dark when possible in their work, enjoying shopping and cooking with his mother.


Towa has grey hair, and eyes which is jade in color. She looks very young (16 years old) depite her real age (98 years old). She wears a long-sleeved violet dress which reaches down to her knees. Accompanied by choker and boots in the same color.


  • Detection: Towa has the ability to detect magical items.
  • Transformation: Towa can also change between her human form and that of a small bird.


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