Chapter 2 entitled Warning of a Level Up (and Illusions) also known as Illusions Notice is part of Volume 1 of DN Angel.


The girls in the school were all talking about Dark and they all commented that he is hot.

Daisuke meanwhile is very gloomy of his present situation worried that inside him is Dark and Satoshi, the police chief commander who is after Dark, is his classmate. He was also worried that he could transform into Dark whenever he sees Risa, however, Dark is reacting to Riku which works the other way around.

It was their PE class on their first period and Daisuke has forgotten his running shoes in the classroom. However, when he reached their classroom, he saw the girls changing since the girl's changing room is under construction. This instantly transforms him into Dark. Daisuke, in Dark's body, run for it in the men's toilet but Saehara saw him and went after him. Daisuke then heard Riku's voice and just after Saehara broke the door open, he transformed back into his own body.

On their dismissal time, Risa had invited Daisuke to walk with her home. While walking, Daisuke realized that Risa likes Dark.

That night, Dark easily stole the Crown of Alice. On their way home, he noticed that Daisuke had been willing to do his task that night and teased him that it was because Risa told him that Dark is cool. Dark pulled out the picture of Riku from Daisuke's mom and he transformed into Daisuke.


  • Saehara broke the fourth wall by saying, "This is a shoujo manga".


  • "To not like the person you like and to have her like yourself are both unrealistic."