At school, Daisuke hears that some girls have mysteriously disappeared. Later that night, Riku gets frustrated with Risa’s constant infatuation with Dark, and retires to her room, only to disappear. Daisuke’s grandfather, Daiki, figures out that a Unicorn from a cursed painting may be kidnapping the town's girls and sends Daisuke out to seal the Unicorn. Daisuke tries to save Riku (and now Risa) without becoming Dark, but is stuck when he needs to use magic to enter the painting. He calls Dark, who rescues the kidnapped girls and then tries to kiss Risa, which Daisuke forbids him to do.


At the begining, Daisuke says, "Miss Harada! So, did you talk to Dark last night? Do let him sweet talk you. Do you ever trust that jerk!". The view zooms out and it turns out he is just talking to himself. So after the pep talk he's ready to tell her. However, just shortly after he actually runs into Risa. Everthing backfires and Risa ends up thanking Daisuke for running away from her in the pervious episode, because according to Risa, because he "stood her up" she was able to meet Dark and then she says, "Promise me will stay friends forever!".

Daisuke being extremely flusterd, feels that he is about to change into Dark and ends up fleeing into the bathroom. There he ends up running into Sahara, who then tells Daisuke about how mysterously young girls are being stolen from their rooms at night without any evidence of a break in. We cut into a scene where investigators are talking about the incident and a strange sound as their only lead to the crime, however the main officer disregaurds it as "nothing". Soon after we cut into a scene where Daisuke is seen sulking over the fact that he couldn't get up the courage to tell Risa to, in a nutshell, stay away from Dark.

He gets snatched into a classroom by Riku, who then begins to question him about the night before, rambles how her sister can't stop talking about Dark (see last episode) and also questions his identiy as to be Dark. During this questioning, to Daisuke's great annoyance, finds out that Risa accepted a date from Dark. While He is being questioned whiether or not he is Dark, He thinks of the night Dark kissed Riku, becomes flusterd and runs away. It goes to later on that night and Risa is deciding on what outfit to wear to her "date" with Dark. Riku voices to Risa how she thinks that Dark isn't right for Risa. Risa in response saying she's thinks Riku is jealous of her. Riku then says in an uptight voice, "Why should I get jealous about him?!" and procceeds to say the she is only worried about Risa. Then Risa says don't worry and rambles about how "wonderful" Dark is.

Riku very haughtly removes herself from the room. While laying on her bed Riku sees a mystical Unicorn and then passes out on the unicorns back. The unicorn vanishes from the room. Risa comes into Riku's room to find her gone and quickly called, in great distress of course, Daisuke to inform him. Daisuke comforts her and tells her that Riku's probally just find and they will find her. He goes to hang up and Risa says, "Thanks for being there." Daisuke's family goes to the libarary where Daisuke's grandfather says that, of course, a unicorn is responsable and explains how they make a strange sound.

His mom pulls out a picture of Risa, but Daisuke says he would handle the situation without becoming Dark. In her room, Risa is shown very depressed out the loss of her sister. At a mansion where a note has been left the he, Dark, was coming, Daisuke see police cars and relizes he can't use the front door. : P He instead goes to what seems like the sewers. After swimming and nearly drowning, he appears in a fountain and see Risa being carried by the unicorn. He chases the unicorn and doesn't catch it, but he does find that Risa has been transported into a painting, along with the unicorn.

In disperation, Daisuke calls out Dark. The old man who owns the painting comes in and catches Dark in the room. The old man tells Dark to just take the painting and tells Dark about why he painted the picture. Turns out it was a gift for a young girl he cared about, but right after he finished it the girl was killed in a car accident. Dark afterwards transports himself into the picture. He sees Risa, but she is under a trance. He gets attacked by the unicorn. Risa seeing Dark attacked begs the main girl in the picture to let everyone go and to stop the unicorn from attacking Dark. The girl crys.

Dark procceds to suck the unicorn into a void of magic and everyone is freed. They return from the painting into the normal world. Dark takes Risa's hand and says, "Don't worry she won't be lonely." (he's talking about the girl in the picture). Risa and Dark look back as they are going out the magic window into the normal world and the girl in the painting waves goodbye. It goes to the old man's living room and Riku wakes up. She asks Risa if she rescued her and Riku says, "Not exactly." Dark leans against the couch and says, "At your service." Riku in disgust says, "GET AWAY FROM ME PERVERT!" Dark replies saying, "Just as I thought, no fun at all." He then picks up Risa flys away and shouts, "YOU'LL HAVE TO FIND ANOTHER WAY HOME." While flying with Risa, Dark goes to a cliffside that overlooks the city and while he tries to sweet talk and well, kiss Risa, Daisuke bugs him and wins. The painting ends up bieng put on display for everyone to see.